The Playboy mansion is an irresistible place for many people but one woman was able to

Andrea Logan White used to live in the famous Playboy mansion, where she had a wild party life and friendship with magazine mogul Hugh Hefner.

Before her stay at the mansion, she grew up in a broken home before turning to Hollywood as her escape. Eventually, she turned to God.

She recently described this incredible journey while speaking to Fox Radio News about her new book, Perfectly Unfinished.

According to her, the Hollywood lifestyle only helped her realize that only God could “fill the void.”

She said, “Everybody was half-naked, [with] breast implants, [they were] aesthetically perfect. You see celebrities … playmates … that was my ‘normal’ because I walked into that; I did not have a faith then.”

However, she says He used an unexpected person to help her get to this realization.

This surprising person was the recently deceased Hefner, whom she says God used as an odd father figure in her life. She adds that he once gave her a limo when she needed to go to church.

In her words, “Somehow, God used him (Hefner) in that world to really get me to a point where I realized this is not fulfillment; this is a lot of deception.”

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From Playboy to God

White says her encounter with God happened in the ’90s while she was having an emotional breakdown in her car.

During this moment, which she says was a “crazy answered prayer,” she was advised to listen to a Christian radio station. This began her lifelong relationship with God.

White said, “I turned the radio station on and it was a pastor repeating the words, ‘Jesus loves you.’ I just cried out to God. That was really a shift in my faith and my life to start going on a better path.”

This encounter led her to Malibu Vineyard church in Los Angeles, where she met David A. R. White, an actor/filmmaker who became her husband.

Now, she is a married Christian actress. Christian Post reports that she is also the co-owner of one of the most successful Christian studios in Hollywood, Pure Flix Entertainment.

She has been married to her husband for nearly 15 years. Their union is blessed with three children.