One of the major hindrances is how to get friendly bitcoin to naira rates when they want to trade or buy bitcoin in Nigeria.

Following the boom of Bitcoin and other digital assets, their exchange rates have also increased. Subsequently, crypto exchanges have also expanded and adapted to the demand by providing users with smarter features and options.

Digital currency exchanges have taken the responsibility of helping people convert their BTC to fiat easily.

With a lot of cryptocurrency exchange sites out there, below are the reliable exchanges with favorable bitcoin to naira rates.


Remitano was founded in the year 2015 in Singapore and is an online p2p exchange that services more than forty countries. Remitano Exchange stands out as the prominent exchange for trading cryptocurrencies within Nigeria presently. Registration on Remitano is free and seamless and you don’t need a dime to store your bitcoin on the platform.

Remitano exchange provides easy ways to buy BTC and all major digital currency in over 50 nations. Plus, it offers “Remitano Invest”, which allows users to invest in multiple digital currency assets that can yield a good return on investment.

The bitcoin to naira rate on Remitano is one of the best in the market. The rate is controlled by the buyers and sellers, while Remitano stands as an escrow for the trades carried out. Nigerians dominate the bitcoin and Ethereum trading volume on Remitano because of the friendly rates and easy-to-use interface.

Remitano offers a host of services which include; Peer-to-Peer Exchange, Remitano Invest, Swap, Wallets, and many more.

Remitano stands tall above other exchanges in Nigeria because the recent ban on cryptocurrencies didn’t hinder trading activities on the platform.


Kraken cryptocurrency exchange was created in 2011. It is a spot exchange that offers margin trading and futures contracts. You can trade more than twenty crypto assets on the platform, which is on the low side compared to the likes of Binance.

One advantage Kraken has over others is that you can trade on the platform without doing KYC. However, you will not be able to withdraw or deposit fiat currencies and your trading experience will be limited.

The trading fee on Kranken is quite reasonable. Traders trading less than $50,000 per month will pay only 0.16% maker’s fee. The good thing is that the charge is discounted when you raise your monthly trade volume. Traders with a monthly volume of $10,000,000 can enjoy up to 0.10% takers fee.


Binance Exchange is one of the biggest exchanges in the market. It offers a host of services including spot trading, margin trading, feature markets, and Trust mobile wallet. The exchange allows users to buy bitcoin with different payment methods including debit cards.

Binance Exchange supports the trading of more than 500 cryptos. It was created by the notable crypto figure, Changpeng Zhou. Binance now offers a host of different features that make them a giant in the market. Everyone can buy Bitcoin Binance aside from residents of some states in the USA. Lately, Binance moved to the US to serve digital currency investors in the US, however, due to regulatory issues, cryptocurrency trading is still banned in some states.

In a bid to cater for peer-to-peer traders, Binance launched Binance P2P.

The essence of Binance p2p exchange is to compete with Remitano p2p and allow the easy and safe exchange of bitcoin for existing users. Binance exchange interface is quite complex for newbie traders, hence the need for a simple and one-click spot to buy bitcoin in Nigeria like the Binance p2p. Regardless of the size of your buy order, you will find a seller that will fulfill it. The p2p offers an escrow service that will ensure that the trade is scam-free and successful.

Rates on the exchange are reasonable and competitive making it attractive for crypto traders in Nigeria and Africa.

Delta Exchange

Delta exchange is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform from Saint Vincent and Grenadines. It is an innovative platform that allows easy and simplified ways to trade coins, most especially bitcoin and altcoins. It allows users from almost all parts of the world to buy bitcoin and trade cryptocurrencies.

An important feature it offers is anonymity and security. It is safe, fast, reliable, and secure. It offers an easy-to-use interface and so many options to limit losses.

The transaction fee on Delta exchange is low compared to some exchanges. Whenever you want to change your Bitcoin to naira, you are charged a withdrawal fee of 0.00043 BTC, a taker fee of 0.075%, and a maker fee of 0.025%.

Top exchanges with the best Bitcoin to Naira rates
Top exchanges with the best Bitcoin to Naira rates

You should note that the exchange rates on these exchanges vary from time to time depending on the direction of bitcoin’s price. The buyers, sellers, and the exchange platform also determine the rates for different cryptocurrencies.

Avoid overly cheap rates because they could be traps to lure you into man-in-the-middle scams on certain exchanges.

The bitcoin to naira rate is on the rise and the rate is attracting more people to buy bitcoin and venture into bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency investment. Conduct deep research on some of the features and services provided by the exchanges to choose the one that suits you best. The exchanges mentioned in this article have made the process easy for Nigerians, offer great rates, and are highly recommended to start your trading experience.

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