How Ingressive for Good (I4G) student ambassadors are thriving: Join them

Ingressive for Good, a nonprofit focused on tech in Africa has launched the Student Ambassadors program, called the I4G circle - an exclusive community of young, smart, confident and influential students in universities across Africa passionate about tech and leveraging it to solve problems.

Ingressive for Good (I4G) launches in Ghana: Become a student ambassador now

The goal of this program is to ensure that more students are connected to resources, technical training, scholarships, opportunities and even jobs.

This is in line with the mission to increase their earning power. Apply here -

Last year, I4G opened its door to lead ambassadors responsible for leading I4G Circles in their school and building the tech communities on their campuses. They hosted monthly tech webinars on their campuses and distributed opportunities shared by I4G within their school.

These were some of their experiences:

"I4G ambassadors program has been a very dynamic experience for me. It shaped me in more ways than I expected. It all started with the leadership courses we did on Coursera during our onboarding process. My favorite was how to influence people effortlessly: it shaped the way I lead people in general, not only in our community but also in other groups I belong to.

"So many people around are testifying on recent changes in the way I handle decision-making processes; they attribute it to the lockdown. But, it was the ambassadors' program that contributed the most to the personal improvements. I made a lot of new friends and connections in my institution with the platform I4G provided. I am always delighted when I remember I have people looking up to me.

"Also, I got the opportunity to take my career in IT a little further, learning software-defined networking on scholarship on Coursera. I understood the value of this opportunity because I knew the cost of learning the introduction to computer networking with a cisco academy in the initial stage of my networking career. So that opportunity was very beneficial.

"My I4G story will not be complete if I should skip this part. I was the type that was not very financially wise. I was aware of this fact but didn’t know how to improve. So I decided to look out for some courses on basic economics and finance, with the access given to me on Coursera by I4G to over 4000 courses for free. I found interesting courses on that topic. I downloaded the videos without caring much about the certificate.

"My financial life has changed completely, and it all started from that single platform I4G gave me. I can now read and interpret the balance sheets, statements of profit and loss, and some other financial statements. I now see money and the free market in a different way. All these are very amazing to me because they are far from my field of study.

"I4G did not only give me the platform and ability to manage people, but it also made it possible for me to manage my finance in a whole new way with a different view. As a result, I can proudly say that I am a better manager now!

"Thanks to I4G for their generous work to young people like me."

"As an I4G Co-Lead Ambassador, it's been quite a memorable journey working with my team members as we get to share ideas and learn to accept other people’s ideas even when they aren't exactly our choice. After signing up as an ambassador, I got access to numerous opportunities, including a job opening at Ingressive for Good. I was hired, and I did a spectacular job. I also got access to tech scholarships and accessed over 4000 courses on Coursera. It was beyond what I expected.

"Working as a Team for me is the new gold. This quality is vital for anyone who seeks to be relevant in this generation.

"I appreciate how much this I4G leadership opportunity is helping my team and me build and grow a fantastic tech community in my school.

"There were so many great stories highlighting benefits like:

  • First-hand access to resources, scholarships, jobs and opportunities, PR and speaking opportunities, certifications, great experience to highlight in their resume/portfolio. 
  • They also get many personal growth opportunities as they proceed in their careers.
  • They get to build and lead a tech community on their campuses and meet and network with amazing people and thought leaders in the tech ecosystem.

"We have a track record of keeping our promise, and in less than one year of operating, we have organically trained 66,570 African youths in tech, grown their community to over 81,590 members, and awarded over $42,600 in scholarships. They have also deployed over $5,000 worth of tech tools and data. There are so many opportunities available." Blessing Abeng, the Director of Communications, said.

Ingressive for Good has partnered with Facebook, Coursera, Yale African Startup Review, Jobberman, DataCamp, and many global companies. To deepen their reach and impact more African youth will also be launching officially in Ghana.

"With brands like Twitter, Facebook, Google deepening their presence in Africa, there is an opportunity for more African youth to gain access to work with global tech companies and even build tech startups that could be acquired. There is a need for well-trained Tech community leaders to continue to nurture and level up community members, share success stories and even connect talents to jobs.

"This is why the student ambassador community is essential and available to tertiary students in Nigeria and Ghana. I4G circles will help drive more tech opportunities to Ghanaian students, document and showcase the skills and expertise within the tech ecosystem in Ghana and Nigeria." Haneefah Abdurrahman-Lekki, the Programs Coordinator at I4G, said.

Interested in becoming an Ingressive for Good Student Ambassador? Here's how to apply:

  •  Register by filling the application form here -
  •  An email will be sent for the next steps. Complete those steps.
  •  Qualified applicants will submit a 90 seconds video explaining why they should be accepted.
  •  If an application or video interview is successful, he/she will be accepted into the Cohort and official training for an ambassadorship.  

Don't miss this opportunity. Apply now -

This opportunity is open to students in Nigeria and Ghana only.

Learn more about I4G here -



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