Emuut.com unveils online trading opportunity for Reality TV Shows in Nigeria

Emuut trades in digital representation of the contestants in popular reality TV shows.

Emuut.com unveils online trading opportunity for Reality TV Shows in Nigeria

Newly launched platform, Emuut.com is partnering with The Voice Nigeria to create an unprecedented opportunity in Nigeria's reality TV shows landscape by leveraging the trend in online trading.

Despite the effects of the pandemic in 2020 which crippled lots of businesses across the globe, the online trading industry saw an unexpected boost, even in Nigeria as millions of Nigerian youths traded in cryptocurrency and stocks.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr Macmicheal Nwaiwu, Chief Strategy Officer of Emuut Technologies, said, "We are just giving Nigerians an opportunity to do what they already love to do.

"However, Emuut.com is in a class of its own as it neither trades in stocks nor cryptocurrencies.

"It simply trades in digital representation of the contestants in popular reality TV shows. Emuut.com calls this digital representation emps."

Macmicheal noted that the emps are not cryptocurrency as there is no cryptography or mining involved.

"Emps cannot be transferred out of the platform or used for anything other than trading on Emuut.com," he explained.

According to reports from online news platforms, Bloomberg and Nairametrics, Nigeria's stock market was ranked the world's best-performing stock market in 2020.

Similarly, online platforms such as qz.com and financialnigeria.com, reported that Nigeria was ranked the country with the second-largest bitcoin trading market in 2020.

In 2021, the country has continued to maintain its position.

Also commenting on the novel initiative, Mr Ehizokhale Asibor, C.E.O of Emuut Technologies, described emps as tomatoes.

His words, "You buy them when they are cheap and sell them off as soon as the price appreciates. You do not want to hang on to them for too long, because the tomatoes (or emps) can go bad really quick! When a contestant is eliminated from the show, it is analogous to a rotten tomato with no value."

Fans of various TV shows such as The Voice Nigeria can buy emps of their favorite contestants when prices are low and when these prices appreciate, they can sell off at a profit.

In a similar vein, Mr Lanre Smith, the C.O.O of the company, said, "Emuut Technologies is innovation wrapped in a bottle. What we are doing has never been done anywhere in the world.

"For the first time ever, we are enabling the entire public to cash out from every reality TV show.

"It's no longer only the show contestants, show owners, or TV station owners that can cash out from successful TV shows.

"Every Nigerian and everyone in the world at large can now make money from just trading TV shows contestants in exactly the same way you will buy and sell any other thing."

Currently, people are already trading the contestants on the Voice Nigeria actively. It appears this is going to be the next big thing in Nigeria.

A video that explains what the platform does is available on the home page of the website.

Emuut.com is a product of Emuut Technologies Nigeria Ltd.

The platform is positioned to leverage technology, innovation and the strong social and family ties in Africa to completely revamp the trading experience without going the crypto or stock route.

It is also committed to eliminating all barriers associated with grasping the concept of day trading.

It is the company's belief that as more Africans get involved in day trading, it will become a popular form of self employment, thus bring respite to a lot of families.

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