Guys Please Read This! This is how work-out can kill your sex drive

Exercising is good but there is a point where the exercising can start to ruin your sex life. Read more to find out when you should chill.

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No need to shame people who work-out, and its always common for people to say guys who work out have small dicks, that’s quite untrue. The dick doesn’t always shrink except for some steroids, the reason the dick looks small is because of the body proportion to the dick, and you are not working your dick out to get bigger like the other parts of your body.

Some steroid do make your genital smaller, that’s my two cents on that.

Back to why we’re here. The gym is good in a lot of way, and depending on what exercises you do and how long you do those exercises for, they can be safe and very productive. Guys who don’t work out would love this headline, and share it even quickly but let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this.

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While you’re working out and stuff, you might be losing more than just the weight you set our to lose, you can lose your libido as well, reports Laura Hampson, Daily Star.

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A recently completed study carried out by the University of North Carolina has thrown light on the common high intensity exercise that can cause lower sex drive. The survey had 1,077 active men who ran, swam, lifted weights or walked, they were asked about their work-out schedule and their sexual performance.

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These participants were categorized into different work-outs which include light, moderate and intense, same criterion were applied to their sex lives, they categorized their libido as such.

This study was able to discover that men that had low intensity workout had seven times higher libido more than people who have high intensity work-out. It was also discovered that men who worked out for a shorter period record higher sex drive.

Anthony Hackney, Professor of exercise physiology and the lead researcher in the study said because of this, it is possible to identify as at when working out begins to deteriorate your life.

He also spoke about women being asked women, fertility, exercising when trying to conceive.

"Fertility specialists will often ask a woman about whether and how much she exercises,” the study author said.

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"Based on our data, we think they should also be asking the man."