Erotic Story/The Dark Series Karen's wildly suspicious erotic night

Something crazy just happened that can only be incest, she left the house immediately. Niyi is getting back into shape after the accident.

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Karen sat on her bed staring into space. Her thoughts were everywhere. She had just let her father but that wasn’t the problem. That wasn’t what was driving her insane right now. She had enjoyed it, she had enjoyed her father fucking her. She had enjoyed her father grabbing her hair, she had enjoyed her father spanking her. She had enjoyed her father calling her a whore.

She had even asked him to spank her harder. He had emptied himself in her and still she had enjoyed it. He didn’t say anything when he finished, he offered now words of praise or apology. He had just avoided looking at her as he got his pants back home and left her room.

She felt used, she felt abused but was it really his fault? She could have screamed and pushed him away but no she had allowed him to use her like the slut she was. Well who would blame him? Seems everyone was using her now, Steph and Joe came to mind and she couldn’t help it when a tear rolled down her eye.

This wasn’t her life no more, it all felt like she was living it for others. What was happening to her? She used to be so in-charge of everything but the last few days had shown her that she was living a lie. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

Who was she? Maybe it was time to find out. She stood up and went into her bathroom to clean up then proceeded to have a very short shower. She walked up to her large wardrobe and picked out a bum short and Tshirt to go with it. Got them on ignoring the need to a bra or panties and not in the mood for any form of makeup she added a face cap.

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She stepped out and headed straight to her father’s library where all the car keys were often kept. She got in and sighed at the fact that he wasn’t in here.

She got the keys to his G-wagon which he had forbade her from ever driving. Well he had fucked her now she could fuck him too but she was going to keep fucking him over and over again. Maybe it was time she started using people too just the way they used her.

Five minutes later, she was driving out in her Dad’s blacked out G-wagon and placing a call to Steph.


Tara dished out Niyi’s food and sat right across him. It was his first meal since they had gotten back home. She couldn’t deny the change in his attitude ever since he met Wole.

She had no idea if Wole had said something or not when they had been alone, and she couldn’t even tell if it was a good thing or a bad one. Well she was going to find out over the next few days considering the doctor has told Niyi to get a full week’s home rest. And she intended to stay with him all through. She had instructed her salesgirl to take care of things at the store.

“Why are you not eating?” Niyi asked as he took the first bite out of the plantain she had fried out for him.

“No, I am not really hungry”.

“I have not seen you eat anything over the last twenty four hours” He stared at her.

“Don’t worry,Niyi. I am fine, if I was hungry I’d eat. Believe me” She laughed.

“Go and get a fork and join me. I cannot finish all these anyway”.

“But I just ...”
”No buts, go and get it” He cut her mid-sentence.

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She didn’t try to argue, just stood up to go get a fork, then he spanked her ass hard as she walked past him. She let out a little scream but didn’t stop walking till she got to the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen cabinet trying to catch her breathe.

What was going on with her, her ass was all hot from the spank considering she had no panties on beneath her gown. She couldn’t deny the fact that she loved it. She just couldn’t deny.


“How the fuck do you know such a place?” Was the question drunk Steph had come to ask her before strutting off to a corner with a guy she had been dancing with ever she hit shot number three.

And it wasn’t even six yet. Aisha knew she was also a bit over the edge but one of them had to be responsible. But was she been responsible especially when Steph’s phone which she had dropped on the table had rang.

Aisha had checked the caller ID, it was Karen so she had picked it. Karen wanted to know where she was and if they could see. Aisha had told her they were out on some good trips and that she was free to come join them.

She didn’t know if she had done the right thing or not but fuck it, they were getting wasted and everything was allowed. Which was why she didn’t flinch when she saw Steph kneel before the guy in the corner.

She was unbuckling his belt and when she brought out her prize even Aisha was impressed. The guy was packing some heavy dick that made her almost go and ask to share with Steph. But she held herself. Steph started off kissing every part of the dick she could lay her lips on before she got to sucking on it. And no one gave a damn.

In another corner was a girl riding a man old enough to be her father. She was riding him so hard that Aisha could actually hear his groans. In another side were two ladies going down on each other. That was just as much as Aisha could see.

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Every other corner was too dark to know what was going on. The low music in the background and smoke from different angles gave the place the feeling of a strip club which it wasn’t. It was just a bar a friend of her had opened up for him and his pervy friends to hang out.

How it had gotten to this level, no one knew and to be honest no one cared. Aisha chuckled to herself as she took a sip out of her cup of whiskey and turned just in time to see Steph grabbing the guy by the hand and leading him to the restroom.

You go, girl…Aisha winked as Steph turned to grin at her before disappearing. Aisha shook her head and stared at the drink in her hand.

“Men, you guys are really on some trips” A voice she knew so well said from behind.

She turned around to see Karen standing in an outfit that screamed fuck me as loud as possible.

Who knows? This might not be a bad idea after all, Aisha smiled to herself.