Quiz: Take this quiz to find out how filthy your mind really is

Answer few questions to see if your mind needs to be dragged out of the gutter.

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1. Can a guy and a girl be besties and never be sexually attracted to each other?

Nah. Na lie.
It depends sha.
So, so rare.

2. When you hear the word kinky, what comes to mind?

The hair attachment
Nasty stuff
Never heard the word before.

3. Are you one to try unconventional sexual acts with your partner?

Yes. But I never initiate.
Yes!!! Eagerly sef.
Na food?

4. Have you ever seen a couple and imagined them having sex?

Lol. Of course!
Eww. No!
Maybe once or twice
I choose to not speak

5. What’s your relationship with dirty jokes?

I have loads of them
I hate hearing them.
I never understand them.

6. What’s your opinion on talking dirty during sex?

So unncecessary. Mtchw.
Hot! I love it!
It's a 50-50 for me
What's dirty talking?

8. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see 69?

I choose to not speak
Was I supposed to think anything?
Oral sex

7. Don’t lie. How often do you think of sex at work?

Ah. Let me not talk o
Only when we are on break
All the time!
I rarely do

9. In church/mosque nko?

Only when I see my crush[es]
All the time [God forgive me]
Never ever!
Your score: 100% dirty
You are one of those people who turn everything to dirty jokes. Someone could say Jesus is coming and you'd find a way to make lewd joke out of that, too. The only things filthier than your mind are Lagos mainland gutters. Smh.
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Your score: 66% clean
Your mind is clean most of the time. But ocassionally, the demon side of you comes out to play and everyone gets mad shook at the nasty things you think and say. We're not judging sha. Keep doing you.
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Your score: 100% clean
You have a pure mind. Even your face shows it. You look innocent and from all everyone can see, you actually are, too!
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Your score: 66% filthy
You crack a fair amount of inappropriate jokes. So what? Your mind is dirty and you are proud of it.
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