Healthcare company, Philips has launched a new clipper to battle skin scar, Keloids as well as rashes and bumps.

According to Chioma iwuchukwu-Nweke, the General Manager Philips, a wide and extensive research was conducted across several men in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa before the clipper was made.

"The Philips clipper was developed and extensively field tested taking into account the core concerns that came out in the research-mainly the need to get that clean shaven feeling but to avoid the scratches, cuts and bumps that sometimes develop on the skin," she said.

A top dermatologist, Ayesha Akinkugbe, at the launch also disclosed that the new Philips Clipper, which comes in two types, is an innovation which follows enables users to cut the hair on their body and not their skin.

Giving a wide range of activities that could lead to keloids, rashes and bumps, the dermatologist explained that the range of Philips clipper will help put a dent on the growing numbers of African men with keloids as a result of shaving or barbing errors.