Read this before splurging on some lacy stuff.

"I feel silly in sexy lingerie. Does a guy really care if you get decked out?" asked every woman who has ever stepped into Victoria's Secret ever.

Yes, lacy, strappy, zippy ensembles can make you feel worthy of some angel wings, but we can honestly say that those moments are few and far between. That being said, most ladies are intrigued by the idea of spicing things up in bed with the help of a sex costume (a.k.a. lingerie). The thing is, it's not entirely clear whether guys actually care about our expensive lingerie that gets worn maybe twice a year.

With that conundrum in mind, we asked three dudes from the Men's Health staff to give us the inside info on how guys really feel about these super-extra undergarments.

Here's what they said.


"Feel weird about it? Remember that most exciting things usually happen outside of your comfort zone. But also don't get hung up on garters and lace; something as simple as underwear in a new color will get him excited." —Dean Stattmann, brand editor


"Let's say you're a big fan of chocolate cake. Would you complain about the cake if it doesn't have fondant ribbons? No. But a little extra decoration does make for a more enticing experience. Still, if you're not in the mood, pass." —Paul Kita, senior editor (Go ahead and give him something to wear, too—like this vibrating ring from the Women's Health Boutique.)


"It sounds corny, but the best thing you can wear is your confidence. When you're just as willing to initiate new things as he is, your panties don't really matter—granny or otherwise." —Michael Sneeden, senior video producer


Feeling great is the cornerstone of seduction. If you really hate lingerie, give it a miss. But if you're on the fence, give it a try and shop for something that makes you feel smokin' hot. It could be a major turn-on for both of you.