From connecting with friends and strangers all over the world to building a brand, social media have had several purposes since the advent.

Over the years, social media have morphed into several other things with entertainment one of them.

These days, we are more likely to get our laughs from funny moments shared on social media than from our favourite comedians.

That is exactly what the new #InfluencerChallenge has done.

Originally started in TikTok, the #InfluencerChallenge has found its way to other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

The challenge is done by making your family members, friends and partners believe that you are making a video as an influencer where you make outrageous claims while recording their reactions.

The results have been pure comedy gold.

Posts shared on this piece are dominated by people who pretend to be influencers fiving weight loss tips and skincare routines. As they lay their respective claims which range from waking up early to exercise or giving up read meat, the reactions of the people around makes for a good laugh.

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