The truth about weddings is that guests really do not remember what they eat at your ceremony, but you see brides and groom-to-bes most times worrying about the kinds of foods to serve that would be satisfying.

Guests will only sing praises of how good the food was and not how many items were served on the menu.

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Compiled by, here are three top mistakes engaged couples make when choosing menu for their wedding.

1. Trying to satisfy everyone's diet plans: If you are planning to invite many guests, don't fuss over the fact that their dietary needs may not satisfy what you are offering. Choose a menu that satisfies you first of all and give that to guests on your wedding day. Let them choose what they can and cannot eat from what you serve.

2. Assuming that buffet or serving in packaged foods saves more money: Money saving differs in different situations. Example, if your reception will be at a hotel and you get a caterer to bring food there, it may cost you more than serving in packaged food packs. This is simply because, caterers bring a lot more food than you'll need to serve your guests and after they guests are filled, because they have more than required, they get to keep the leftovers.

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2. Giving guests too many options: You first need to know the number of guests you are inviting before you make an order with your caterer. Offering more options will be more expensive if the caterer is billing per head. If the budget allocated to food is high then it’s okay but on a tight budget, offering too many options is not a wise option.