Couple take most amazing picture in the rain after it tried disrupting their ceremony

The couple then grabbed a friend's umbrella and went into the rain with their photographer


A rainy day is every bride and groom's nightmare on their wedding but this couple made the best of the bad weather situation.

30-yr-old Jessica Gower and her fiancé, Nick were worried about the weather because they didn't want any issues and it was misty and freezing cold in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

On their big day, the rain began to fall just the time the couple were at their wedding reception, they had asked guests to bring their umbrellas in case a downpour began.

Jessica and Nick's photographer Thomas Stewart, quickly asked the pair to come out for some shots.

Stewart is the photographer whose rant on the ban of smartphones and cameras went made headlines recently.

The couple then grabbed a friend's umbrella and went into the rain with their photographer, who brought along his back light.

"Our photographer Thomas was a legend and he came up to us during the reception - we were all dancing by that point - he said it was raining outside and offered to take us out for a minute or so and grab some photos,"

"We were out on the driveway of the venue and it was really nice because Nick and I wanted to spend some moments together so we were really happy to outside and have that time together," Mrs Gower told Daily Mail Australia.

"Thomas said it would be awesome - he called it a drizzle shot - and we went out in the freezing cold so we were close together and just having a moment." she added.

The bride said she was completely blown away by the outcome of the photograph which has since gone viral like the photographer who posted them.

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