Necessities at any wedding ceremony - food, drinks, guests and... at least one photographer.

There is a need for every moment and tiny detail to be captured and saved, and later looked upon with fondness and nostalgia till the end of time.

Why? Because many people do hope that their first wedding should be their last.

Hence when you go for weddings you see the camera flashing ceaselessly, capturing as many moments as possible.

The result of this is that there are many lovely pictures, and some that would have been better left to pass.

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However, these moments were gotten on camera and now, courtesy of DailyMail, we gathered some of the most hilarious and most awkward.

From the kid that felt grossed out that the couple were kissing, or the bridesmaids that desperately needed to pick something out of their behinds, check out the gallery above for more of these funny pictures.