How closer can teammates get than this?

Just last Saturday, October 15, 2016, Deion Pierre who plays for Samford University in Alabama popped the question to girlfriend, Jasmine Henderson in a manner so good that it has now gotten our attention on this side of the map.

You see, Deion plays American Football for the University and after his team’s victory over their opponents from Virginia Military Institute at their home stadium somewhere around Birmingham, Alabama, he and his teammates decide to do what they obviously planned before the moment.

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Of course, being the good girlfriend, Jasmine was there to show support for her boo.

Before she knew what was happening, the team was gathered around her, holding roses and moving to the rhythm of Ed Sheeran’s love song, ‘Thinking Out Loud.’

Out came Deion, getting down on a bent knee in the middle of the field, as his brothers laid their roses around he and Jasmine.

With the atmosphere set to a goosebump-inducing level of magical romance, it did not take long before Jasmine said nodded a yes to the proposal.

As soon as she did, the teammates leapt in the air like they just won another game and began to chorus together “She said yes… she said yes…”

Speaking in an interview with Huffington post, Deion said “It meant a lot. To have a team of brothers to be behind me, supporting me and to be willing to do this in front of everyone was great.”

This, indeed, is a romance begun and based on a foundation of team work!