First things first, I’ve never

However, I look forward to finding her type, someone cut from the same gorgeous fabric, created with those same remarkable qualities she totally embodies, and blessed with the grace with which she handles herself, especially in difficult situations.

I might want my girl to be a bit more beautiful than Michelle Obama in her 20’s though, but if a carbon copy of what she looked like at that age is all I got, I’d still thank my stars.

You see, I heard Michelle and Barack Obama met in 1989 at a Law Firm. At the time, they said, Michelle was already an associate, and Barack was just an intern, and she was even assigned to him as an adviser.

Somehow, despite the class difference, they fell in love.

I often like to think ‘she allowed herself fall in love with him,’ and  that is the topmost reason why I now want a bae like her. Michelle understood process; that Barack would not forever remain an intern, and that the promise he showed at the time meant he was worth the chance she gave him.

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Being a young guy that I am, I want something like that -- a babe that understands my hustle, respects me for what I am now, believes in my potential and is willing to take a chance on growing with me.

Not only did Michelle take that chance, she supported that dream -- before the presidency, and a lot more during it. It is not hard to picture the stress of campaigns, long meetings, and sleepless nights getting to Barack Obama, and it is also not hard to picture Michelle cheering him up, and cheering him on from those low points.

By God, I want that too!

The journey to the top will likely not be so easy and there will be disappointments along the way. So it’d be great to have a darling bae who would support, raise my spirit and have me raring to go again.

Michelle and Barack Obama married about 25 years ago, and though 8 of those were spent with the eyes of the world on them, they came out like roses, in full bloom, and looking so beautiful together than they’ve ever been.

The truth is that; like every other couple, they must have their marital issues, but despite the media’s continued attention, they could not pick out or establish any of those because somehow, they managed to keep their battles private.

Oh, how I long for that -- a girl with whom I can be sure that our differences will be swiftly resolved, without interference of a third party.

Like every other guy, I would be lucky to find a girlfriend like Michelle, one who is graceful, dresses pretty well, hardworking, articulate, smart, one who treats everyone with respect, and goes high when they go low...

I have thought long and hard about this, and I stand fully convinced now that a girlfriend like Michelle Obama is out there, waiting, and I’ll find her someday.

When I do, I promise to be a boyfriend like Barack Obama.