In a televised session hosted by four female presenters, some of the most hilarious and ridiculous marriage counsels were read out.

The four-woman panel of "The View" included veteran American actress, Whoopi Golberg who joking suggested that one of the weirdest advice gotten was for women to "train their husbands the way they would a puppy," or for them to "do everything he says."

According to Sara Haines, one of the other presenters, a marriage advice she could never put up with is that which tells couples not to go  to bed angry.

To her, the advice is not all that wise because once someone keeps pushing her for conversation when she's angry, the conversation becomes less and less productive as it continues.

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A fan then tweets at the presenters, saying she was told never to "go for marriage counselling  [because] it doesn't work."

Another hostess, Sunny Hostin then shared one of her own, saying the weirdest one she heard was given by her grandmother who told her that "whenever there was trouble in your marriage, baby just remember it's cold outside."

Of course, that didn't make sense to her.

Let's hear from you, too. Have you ever been in such situation where someone gives you a stupid or lame relationship advice? If yes, what was it?

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