It is often said that men are not as vocal about their emotions as women.

And though it is true that many men love to maintain their macho outlook, the truth is that when they it comes to their girlfriends and wives, men do not mind feeling vulnerable.

They don't mind 'going soft' around you, and they surely do not have problems opening up about their fears, past, mistakes, failures and all that.

Complete honesty is possible between partners, and these are the five ways you can make it happen in your relationship:

1. Be patient

You have to learn to adapt to the way a man thinks. Sometimes, all he wants is peace and quiet; he just wants to be by himself or have time to watch a game and get wrapped up in a world of his own... deep in his thoughts.

Bringing up a heated conversation at this time, or basically just raising an contentious issue at this time will often get nothing out of him.

A little patience in this instance would have made everything easier. Timing is everything.

2. Be respectful

Communication between you and your man is quite dependent on the respect you have and show him.

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3. Don't be judgemental

You can't expect him to keep his openness at 100% when you focus more and overplay the wrong things and mistakes he makes.

You can't mishandle the situation and condemn him badly for telling you about his mistakes and expect him to open up at another time.

Your partner needs to feel comfortable telling you about everything - whether good or bad. Being judgemental is not the way to get them comfortable enough to do that.

4. Varying communication types

Sometimes expressing himself through face-to-face conversations might be difficult. If a text will make the communication possible, don't shut it down and insist on a face-to-face discussion.

5. Be supportive

If you've shown over time that you are supportive and can proffer answers in difficult times instead of judging and nagging, it'll also help him feel safe enough to share his difficulties with you.