Quick exercise: Pick out 10 random ladies, and ask them what their ideal man looks like.

The response you'll most likely get from them will have something to do with tall, dark and handsome men.

That has been the barest minimum for ladies [theoretically, of course] for many, many decades now.

So, it gets a bit confusing when we hear these same women expressing their fear of guys who are 'too fine' or 'too goodlooking.'

The easiest route to take here is to talk about the age-long belief that women do not really know what they want, and how that makes it even extra-difficult for men to understand them, but, of course, that's another topic entirely.

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Without digressing from the main point, women say they love 'handsome guys' but somehow fear the ones that are 'really handsome.'

Their greatest  fear of these men is that they are like prizes that many women want to lay their hands on. Therefore, loyalty for the men will be a little difficult especially how 'every' woman wants a bit of them.

This fear is actually a bit unjustifiable, and here are reasons why.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

When people say or think the most terrible things about you based on what they heard from other people, how do you feel?

Doesn’t it hurt when people do not take time to know you and just build unwholesome opinions about you?

How would you feel if someone reproached you for actually being good-looking, and assumed a bunch of untrue things about you?

The goose and gander rule

What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.

What’s eye-catching to you does not attract everyone. So don’t assume the guy you call ‘hot’ is universally so.

When you constantly keep this in mind, you can calm down in the realisation that not every babe will be after your guy

Don’t limit yourself

Don’t you believe you’re a beautiful woman, too? Don’t you think any guy would be scared to lose you, no matter how good he looks?

Imagine turning down a very fine guy because of your unfounded fears, when, actually, you both could have made a great pair?

Why deny yourself the opportunity of being with a potentially great lover just because of what your friend, Aminat told you?

That Aminat got played by a fine guy does not mean all fine guys are bad, does it?

Then, why limit yourself?

Fine guys can be faithful and loyal, too!

Who told you that only the ugly and average-looking guys stay loyal?

Anyone can hurt you or break your heart. Anyone.

And though it might sound like a joke, but would you rather be done dirty by a guy that looks like Meek Mill, or one that looks like Trey Songz?

Just saying.