5 things not OK for your partner to expect from you

Your money is freely given, not to be manipulatively separated from you.

5 things not OK for your partner to expect from you [Credit: Nickie Petraki]

To have expectations from a partner is not a bad thing. Basic respect, understanding, communication and a willingness to do things in a way that promotes peace, happiness and harmony are things to be expected from anyone you end up with.

It’s pretty basic to want things like that and to be able to reciprocate as well. But as with everything, you can go overboard and overdo things. Your partner could actually expect too much from you and here are ways to know when they are expecting too much.

1. Access to your money

Certain folks will not agree to this, especially as it relates to women. But it remains true that asking or a relationship or even agreeing to one is not the same as granting acces to someone else’s finances. Your partner would be feeling mad entitled if they felt this way and you should never feel obliged to give in to this mad need.

Your money is freely given, not to be forcefully taken from you or manipulatively separated from you.

2. Sexy stuff you’re not cool with

Sex is basically about consent. That is the first and foremost thing everyone who feels old enough to engage in it must know. So it is surely a cool thing for your partner to expect things from you that you are not down for.

You don’t like anal sex? It is not cool for your partner to expect it from you. However, an irreconcilable difference in sexual needs could lead to the end of the relationship and that should be fine with you, too.

But to expect you to give it when you are not cool with it is surely not cool.

3. Never have a differing opinion

That’s too much to expect from anyone. It is also really wrong and near impossible. Two adults with functional brains, seeing each other regularly or even living together will surely not agree on all things.

Any partner who has such need as this is definitely being delusional. It’s not sustainable.

4. Expect you to give up family and friends

No one should tear you away from the people you consider your support system. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Any moves to eliminate them, or to isolate you from them are definitely a red flag.

5. Place their happiness in your hands

"First of all, it’s impossible to make anyone else happy all of the time," psychologist Traci Stein, PhD, MPH, tells Bustle. "It's also completely inappropriate for a partner to expect you to constantly baby them, agree with them, or cater to their every need."

It’s not a healthy demand or need to have in a relationship as it puts too much pressure on you. That’s pressure you do not need at all.


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