10 (daring) spots to refresh sex life

January 19th 2023, 4:42:22 pm

Its only illegal if youre caught right?

10 (daring) spots to refresh sex life

Public indecency can land you in jail or earn you a terrible reputation about town. But so can a dying/dead sex life (ahem!).

Usher's voice sings in the background*

"Is your head spinning?

Is your heart racing?

Is there fire in your veins?


Are your bones burning?

Is your skin yearning?

'Cause you're driving me insane

I kind of feel like I feel like I saw the light

You got me way up a thousand miles

Can we stay right here in this atmosphere?

Like we're flying in outer space" Song_Don't Look Down.

(Appologies if song has been ruined.)

The song might as well been called "outdoor impromptu sexcapades". Such are the feelings associated with venturing outside the bedroom setting into the taboo world of public sex.

The movies make these places seem exciting but just...don't try them. (Wink).

  • Movie theatre (grow up, children go there).
  • Public transportation (unless it's the roof of the vehicle)
  • Night club or concert
  • Trade shows or festivals
  • Office
  • Elevator
  • Parking lot
  • Shopping centre dressing rooms
  • Airplane (there's no mile-high club)
  • Desert (dehydration and sand...everywhere)
  • Library
  • Public bathrooms 

1. In front of a window

Want to first get a feel of the outside in the privacy of your house, switch off all lights and open the curtains.

2. Balcony

Again, switch off all lights and take the view in. Like an outside sleepover.

3. Roof top

The sky is the limit from here onward.

4. Abandoned building

Find your way in and out of an abandoned building and stake illegal claim.

5. Camping/tent

Don't wait for trips to pitch a tent and have the whole camp experience. Late night and before dawn are your best bet.

On a trip, out in the wilderness...only nature can judge you.

6. Childhood bedroom.

7. The Internet

This is like a second universe and to be fair, the FBI could be watching. Give them a show?

8. Wedding/house party

Love is in the air. And what are friends for if not to traumatise or support your happiness.

9. Next to your bed

Cheat on your bed with the floor.

10. Middle of nowhere

Practice caution.

Martha Kemigisha
Entertainment and Lifestyle writer with an objective, and sometimes subjective account of everyday life.


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