The rich, the poor, everyone thinks about money. Money is an important part of our life and that is why its always thought about.

Obviously, no one thinks about money for no reason. We all think about it because it is always needed to achieve one thing or the other.

However, if you really want to view money in the most positive way, here are five timeless quotes to inspire you to have a working relationship with your money

1. It's not so much that money can't buy happiness. It's that if you think that, you are actually not spending it right. Michael Norton

You would have heard that money can’t buy happiness one million times. Almost everybody says this but nobody has been able to prove how having money makes one more miserable than happy.

Money can make you happy. In fact, if having money makes anyone sad, that person is not spending it right. That's all!

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2. If you tell yourself you are not good with money, you going to take the steps to do anything about it.- Marie Forlio.

Basically, everyone needs to understand how they view money. For instance, if you think you are not good with money, you will most likely not save properly, neither would you think of investing.

3. 'Don’t save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving''- Anthony Joshua.

Clearly, Anthony Joshua is advising you and anyone who cares about actualising their financial goals to prioritize savings as the first effort at ensuring financial freedom. Whatever remains after saving may then be spent on other needs (not wants).

4. The more you give, the more you receive. So when I meet someone who does not have any money, it just means they're not giving anything.- Robert Kiyosaki

This is all about the give more principle and it is not all about you giving out your money to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street.

Giving more here also means if you want to make more money, or get paid more, you need to work more.

5. Too many people spend money they buy things they don't impress people that they don't like. --Will Rogers

Finally, here is a piece of advice for everyone who works smart/hard only to make money and spend it anyhow.

Make money to meet your financial goals, not to impress anyone.