5 costly money mistakes you should avoid to make better financial choices

By the time you read this to the end, you'll understand what it takes to be financially independent.

Investments makes your money grow fatser. (destinyconnect)

You have a goal to be financially independent. You want to become a house owner and also retire happy. It’s very possible to achieve these goals if only you avoid making some costly financial mistakes.

If you want to start making sound financial choices, here are mistakes you should not make.

1. Quitting your job without a plan

Before you quit your job, it’s either you are moving to join another organization or you’re establishing your own business. Quitting without a plan may render you unemployed for a long time and might put you in a difficult financial situation.

If you think your present job is horrible, start looking for a new job. Don’t ever quit if you haven’t secured another job. This will prevent you from having a gap in your work experience and at the same time keep the paycheck coming in.

2. Failing to budget

Budget plays a central role in personal finance, but many don’t seem to recognize it. This is why a lot of people don’t have a control of their finances because there no mechanism to guide their spending.

You can be making decent money and still struggle to be financially independent. It may also be very difficult to reach your financial goals. But with budget, you can always make good financial choices because you’ll always be conscious of how you spend your one and what you spend it on every time.

3. Staying at a dead end job

Staying at a dead end job that gives you no promotion or growth is another financial mistake to avoid. While you take a job because you are desperate for work, it’s important you have a plan to move to a better job. Don’t accept a job that gives no room for advancement as your destiny, and don’t quit without a plan either. While you are waiting to get a better job, prepare yourself and improve your skills. You’ll surely get a better job that comes with a good pay and benefits.

4. Failing to set up a financial plan

Your financial plan helps you spend your money according to your priorities. That means you’ll only have a desire to spend on what you consider as essential, something you really need and not wants. Financial plan also helps you determine when you should invest your money, how much to save for retirement and emergency fund as well as other financial goals. So, basically, having a financial plan helps you reach your financial goals, and neglecting it can wreck your finances.

5. Not having financial goals

Your financial goals are those targets you want to achieve within a period of time. You can have a target to buy a house, your first car or clear your debt within a particular time. If you don’t have these specific goals, you won’t have a financial plan to work toward it.


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