Mayotte is

Mayotte is a French country of islands between Mozambique and Madagascar, off east Africa. It is part of the Comoro Islands but opted to remain under French dependence rather than join the rest of the Independent Republic of the Comoros when they voted for independence. It encompasses several small islands, hence referred to as an archipelago. The human population in Mayotte is very small at a figure less than 500,000 people. It is a beautiful paradise spot on the Indian ocean very popular to divers who come to spot amazing and rare animals such as corals, humpback whales, and lots more.

If you are interested in knowing more about Mayotte, you've come to the right place. We're here to give you all the info about enjoying yourself in the blend of Africa and France.

1. Hike Mount Choungi

Mount Choungi is a volcanic mountain standing at a height of 593 m (1,946 ft), the tallest point on the island. You can use the opportunity to bird-watch and spot other interesting species of animals.

2. Learn Moringue

Test your reflexes by engaging in Moringue, the local form of boxing. It is a good way to involve yourself in the culture of the people in Mayotte.

3. Take a chill pill at the beach

Mayotte has a lot of beautiful beaches with black sand. First, N’Gouja beach is arguably the best beach in Mayotte with its shades of palms and baobab tree as good spots for relaxation. Ilot de Sable Blanc and Mtsamboro beach at Chissioua Mtsambor, are also high rated beaches. Musicale beach is a black sand beach on the island, there is a huge baobab tree, informally known as "the tree of life", which adds to the beach’s attraction. At some of these beaches, you can watch turtles lay their eggs or sight humpback whales if you're lucky (mostly when you travel during August-September).

4. Explore Chissioua Mbouzi

Chissioua Mbouzi is a small dry tropical island famous for the 750 wild brown lemurs living in it. It also has a large variety of plant species.

5. Chase waterfalls

Mayotte is home to gorgeous waterfalls such as Soulou and Rouaka falls. The Rouaka falls is one of the largest water falls in the world it is about 20 meters tall.

6. Go sailing, snorkeling and diving

Diving in Mayotte is one of the top things to do in the lagoon. You can swim with dolphins off Saziley Point (Saziley National Park), dive at Pamanzi or Passe en S underwater nature reserve, snorkel through the Choizil islets, marvel at humpback whales, etc.

7. Enjoy the mix of cultures in the food

Mayotte has Indian, African, Arabic and French influences on its food. So, you'll be enjoying a mix of food from various regions of the world with their own special signatures. Chicken pilao, kakamoukou fish curry, kebabs and mabawas, and so on.

8. Explore the mangroves

Have a peaceful canoe ride through the mangroves and get up close and personal with the locals to see how they live. You can also explore mangroves in Lagos.

Other attractions include the Dziani crater lake, experience the art of Bandrélé salt and the many botanical gardens on the island.