Cooking hacks save us time, energy and in some cases money. These are Nigerian kitchen tips and tricks you have to try.

These cleaning, cooking tips and general kitchen hacks for today will go a long way in helping anyone in the kitchen, amateur cook or professional.

1. Cutting yams

To cut really hard yams, make an incision on the yam, place the knife deep in the cut (as you would normally do) and roll the yam on the ground while keeping the knife firmly in one place.

2. Peeling oranges

Isn't it frustrating trying to get that perfect peel and it just wouldn't budge? Try rolling, lightly, the orange on a plain surface to make your orange come off smoothly.

3. Boiling water

An old wives tale says that the best way to stop boiling water from spilling is placing a wooden spoon over the pot.

4. Cutting onions

There are many ways to cut onions without crying but one of the common ones is to soak the onions in water for several minutes before cutting it.

5. Mixing swallow

Hand batter can be used to mix garri, amala, semo, not only cake batter. No need to stress yourself using the turning stick.

6. Moin Moin

Make your moin moin look even more inviting by placing it in a container and baking it.

7. Ripening bananas

To ripen bananas (or plantains) quicker, keep them in the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees.

8. Peeling Ginger

Use a spoon to peel your ginger, this will minimise waste and it's also faster.

9. Preserving eggs

Rub egg shells with vegetable oil before refrigerating as the oil will keep the eggs fresh for an additional 3 to 4 weeks.

10. Cooking jollof rice

For jollof rice not to stick together, ‘reduce the flame to the lowest, cover it with foil and allow it steam. Don’t overcook your rice.' This is according to Chef Fregz.