Nike art centre is one of its kind in Africa and well, we cannot but pay attention to such. Lets discover 5 interesting facts that makes this gallery special.

For a non-art lover who visits this gallery, one thing is definitely sure, he/she will keep screaming that art is such a beautiful creativity. I can bet everyone he/she meets a couple of days after the visit will definitely know of his visit, as it won't take too long before they start narrating their experiences and how their view of art was totally changed, all thanks to the trip.

Each of the floors present in the four storey building presents Nigeria art in various medium, ranging from paintings, metal works, wooden sculptures and a couple of other stuff.

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Like every other organisation, discover 5 interesting facts about Nike art gallery.

1. Nike art gallery was established as far back as 1983 in Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria by Nike Davies Okundaye solely from her earnings as an artist and without governmental assistance.

2. After so many years of the development and expansion, Nike art centre (Lagos) is the largest of its kind in West Africa, housed in a four storey building.

3. The gallery boasts of about 8,000 beautiful and colourful African artworks, including paintings and sculptures.

4. Paintings sell more in the gallery. This is according to chief Okundaye. People often find it burdensome putting a sculpture in their houses or works because it consumes more space than paintings and portraits.

5. The gallery serves as a tourist site for foreigners. In fact, it seem like a museum than a gallery.