A beautiful painting of Michelle Obama is a pleasant distraction from the nastiness trailing the upcoming elections.

A female artist, J.Muse has created a stunning portrait of the beautiful FLOTUS. The portrait is based on Michelle's latest magazine spread for New York Times.

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She told Huffingtonpost  "I selected FLOTUS as an artistic subject because Michelle Obama represents a woman of empowerment for the black community. In a world where odds are against us, she rises to the platform and takes a stand for each and every black woman or little black girl. She promotes health, wellness, and strength. Those qualities inspire me to keep pushing forward in my art career.”

Interestingly, the artist J.Muse had been taught to paint only a year ago by her wife. The photo was posted on Instagram with the caption "The teacher teaches the student a lesson. Once the lesson is learned the student has all the tools needed to move forward. I am my own artist. Thank you my love for all you have taught me!!"

The portrait, the first large painting done by the artist has been framed and is now available for sale.