The pub is smaller than the current Guinness World Records holder for smallest pub.

The 6ft by 8ft size tub, smaller than a snooker table is owned by Meantime, a London brewing company. The name of the pub is "Make Time For It" and it is located near 02 Arena, Greenwich.

The tiny pub can only seat three people and the beers are free. However, would be visitors have to call and book in advance.

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There's a catch though, people are required to turn off their phones or hand it over to the bartender while in the pub.

The idea is to allow people enjoy some time spent disconnected with technology, hence the ban on cell phones.

Although it is actually smaller than the Guinness World Record holder, Nutshell in Suffolk, it can not win the title because it is not open permanently.

Nutshell is 15ft by 7ft, a little bit bigger than "Make Time For It". However, "Make Time For It" opens seasonally and closes for winter, therefore, it can't replace Nutshell as the Guinness World Record holder of smallest pub in Britain.

The pub will be open daily from 12 noon to 9pm everyday from October 21 to October 30, 2016 at Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, London.