While a bar of chocolate costs more than a nights stay at this hotel, as expected, the facilities are not top notch.

Faridpur Hotel, Dhaka, provides guests with water and toilets while they are there, though they have to sleep beside countless other guests. They also have only a tiny locker to keep their belongings.

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Floating hotels are popular there and it has been a thriving industry for more than half a century. Located on the bank of Buriganga, Bangladesh, this hotel comprises of five separate floating boats.

This hotel is quite unlike the ones you might be used to because it does not offer stunning views or comfy, exquisite furniture.

The hotel has no TV, no dining area, no comfortable mattresses and no artwork or decorations. In spite of this, the hotel is always packed full with guests.

Some of the guests even stay for as long as three months at a stretch.

For 30 pence, you can get a bed in a common room while the highest rooms with a private cabin cost between 80 and 120 pence.

Traders often patronise these floating hotels while moving from one district to another on business related trips. Some of the traders stay in these hotels for years.

Floating hotels first made an appearance in Buriganga in the 1950s. They mainly catered to Hindu traders who came into Dhaka to trade by river.