Not only does meeting people around the globe add to your culture score, it allows your trip to be as exciting and fun-filled as possible.

People hold adventures, experience and inadvertently, the stories that you will talk about for days to come. The thought of travelling to a new destination where you don't know anyone should not deter you from visiting.

Having friends all over the world is great [Okay Africa] Having friends all over the world is great [Okay Africa]

Tinder is a popular global dating app that brings up profiles of users around your area for you to meet up with. However, it doesn't have to be just a dating app.

We speak to David I. Adeleke, a twenty-something globetrotter, who uses Tinder when he travels.

Though he met his current partner on the app, David says he seeks friendship more than intimacy whenever he uses the app. "It's a very easy way to connect with people in a different environment. It's a quick, simple way to know what people in that new environment are like whether they are liberal or conservative or coy or outspoken."

David I. Adeleke on why he uses Tinder David I. Adeleke on why he uses Tinder

Speaking on his experiences, he says he had a hard time matching with people the first time he used the app abroad. "I assumed my profile just wasn't right for the environment, He says. "I didn't have any text in my bio and my pictures were too 'serious'."

From one Tinder-expert to you, here are 5 tips for using Tinder to meet new people in other countries, according to David.

  1. Use specific interests: People are more likely to swipe right for people with a bio with things that interest them. "If you're using it the app in the US, for example, have a bio and write specific interests e.g specific cartoons, movies, etc."
  2. Do the upgrade: "It would be nice if you paid for Tinder Gold." Tinder Gold allows you to see the people that have liked your profile and gives you a headstart on your swiping. So you could have begun meeting new people in the geographical area that you're heading to before you even arrive. This allows you get to know them earlier, with all that's left being just a physical meet. This is most helpful when your stay is short.
  3. Safety and location: Goes without saying, "always meet in a public place for the first time like a diner or restaurant." This gives a sense of safety, while also allowing you to relax and get to know the person.
  4. Use great pictures: "I find that many people use pixelated and ugly photos. It's an app where people judge you based on your looks before anything else, why not put in the work to make yourself look attractive?" David also thinks that people are more likely to swipe right on profiles that have touristy pictures because it means you are adventurous, and majority are usually interested in such.
  5. Bear in mind: "If you're looking for good sexual partners it's not the best place to go, you'll most likely have to pay whoever you link up with. Also, you'll very likely meet psychos there I know I have.'

Happy Tinder-ing!