The french-speaking country of Benin Republic is home to lots of delicacies and snacks. Here is an ultimate street food guide to visiting this neighbouring country.

As a visitor, it doesn't hurt to have an idea of the type of food in the area in order to brace yourself.

1. Yaourt

Yaourt is basically, yoghurt. For non-french speakers, it sounds like it is pronounced "Yawu". It is a delicious drink that comes in two flavours: milk and coffee. They are tied in small nylons and sold at 250 CFA.

2. Bissap

Bissap is a hibiscus extract. For Nigerians, this is the very familiar drink, Zobo. It tastes a bit different as Beninese make the drink with different flavourings, but it is equally as delicious. It is also sold in small nylons for 100 CFA.

3. Breadfruit chips

Breadfruit is a popular fruit in West Africa. Igbos from Nigeria use the seed from the fruit to prepare 'Ukwa' while the Beninese fry the fruit itself and sell it as a snack. It tastes a bit like Potato chips and is sold for 100 CFA.

4. Sodabi

Sodabi is liquor gotten from palm tree. While Nigerians have palm wine, Beninese have Sodabi. It is also known in Nigeria as Sapele water or ogogoro, and in Ghana as akpeteshie. It is very strong and one shot can make you tipsy. Mostly sold in bottles for 250-300 CFA.

5. Baguette sandwich

This baguette sandwich is a very common roadside snack. A long baguette is used and often cut in half which makes it very satisfying. However, it is tricky as the taste often depends on who you buy from and what fillings you select for your sandwich. Fillings include spaghetti, boiled egg, avocado, stew, lettuce, fish and LOTS MORE. Eat at your own risk. Sandwiches are 50-100 CFA.

6. Waakye rice

Waakye (pronounced wache or wanke) rice is one of the West African dishes everyone has to try. It is a rice and beans meal infused with millet leaves and kanwa. A complete Waakye meal is sold in most local restaurants for nothing more than 500 CFA.

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7. Agbele and Ewedu

This swallow and soup is a nice mimic of Ewedu and swallow, and gives you a little taste of home. It is a very cheap meal sold at most local restaurants at around 200 CFA.

8. Tofu

Tofu is mostly used as a replacement for meat in stew at most local restaurants. It is cultivated by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. Sold at 100 CFA.

9. Open for a surprise Puffpuff

This isn't exactly street food because it is sold at fancy restaurants. It is important to note that it is not ordinary puffpuff. It is basically boiled fish wrapped with fried dough. This dish is very expensive and comes with a full meal.

10. Coconut

Because of the numerous number of beaches in Benin, coconut trees are innumerable. The coconuts, however, are a must have. This special type of coconuts have an immense amount of water in them, especially the ones by the beaches. Sold at about 100 CFA.