Did you know that you can unleash your adventurous side, even with a small income stream? These tips will teach you how to save for travel on a corp members salary.

An average corp member earns N19800 from the government, excluding payment from the workplace. This stipend might seem to stifle your adventurous side, but it is possible to cultivate a savings culture even on that income. Also try out these travel tips to balling on a budget.

1. Track your spending

Don't be scared to check your account balance. Choose a day to calculate how much you spent each week and decide how much you need for the coming ones. Decide what expenses were unnecessary and how to cut them out subsequently. Tracking expenses is an important part of learning where you can cut back, or even eliminate your spending.

2. Pack your lunch

Go for home-made meals rather than fast food or eating out. Aim to cut down to eating out two times per week.

3. Cut accommodation costs

If possible, opt for staying with relatives or friends rather than getting your own place. This helps to cut down on accommodation costs and all those tiny expenses that come with living alone, which eventually add up.

4. Stay home

Going out usually warrants spending money. As long as travel is a priority, cut down on entertainment costs by staying home so you can save towards your goal.

5. Get a side hustle

Find part-time work to boost your income. Even as you travel, you can earn money on those trips by finding little things to get you some loose change or sponsorships for your explorations.

6. Shop sale items

Take advantage of sales to avoid spending excess money on nonessential items. A great way to save money is to find out when specific items go on sale, this way you’ll be able to ensure that you’re saving money when purchasing your essential items.

7. Cut transport costs

Develop a sharing economy. Hitchhike, find a neighbour or friend to join to work and essential destinations. Even when on a trip, share transportation costs with fellow tourists and locals.

8. Start a piggy bank

A change jar or piggy bank is a great way to save all your loose change. You’ll be pleasantly shocked to see how much all those loose coins can amount to. Once you’ve saved a decent sum of money, cash it in at a bank and use it to help fund your trip. You could also automate this saving, e.g the Piggy Bank App withdraws a specific amount daily, weekly, or monthly from your account.

9. Start small

You can start with exploring your city or neighbouring cities. They don't cost much but they hold magic that you won't know unless you try. You can cross many things off your bucket list right here in Nigeria.

10. Ruthless travel planning

A common mistake travellers make is insufficient research. When exploring grand destinations, it would be best to research every single detail about the area. See ways you can cut costs on flights, transport, accommodation, feeding, touring, etc. This enables you to plan sufficiently and reduce unexpected expenses.