The end of the year is upon us and the festive season usually means giftgiving. Here are 5 gifts to give your woman for Christmas.

1. Surprise vacation

This December, there are loads of vacation packages that you can surprise your partner with. It doesn't have to be somewhere grand or out of the continent, as long as it's a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and she gets to kick back and relax. Check out our guide to planning your December getaways in Africa.

2. Pair of shoes

Everyone loves a good pair of shoes, especially if someone else splurged on it. Take your woman shopping for shoes, and you can even add some more items like jewelries, clothes, etc.

3. New weave

Well, this might be a bit tricky but most women would appreciate a new hair bundle, weave or wig, of great quality! However, you might not be able to pick what your woman would love without her help or the help of another woman. Hence, you can just gift her the cash equivalent.

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4. Spa day for two

A trip to the spa is great because you get your woman to relax and you also get in some quality time with her too. And you also get to relax!

5. Gadgets

Depending on the kind of lady, there'll be some gadget that she would love to have — a phone upgrade, Apple watch, camera, laptop, etc.