There are key pieces you should have in your closet, they instantly transform any look. When picking out your pieces next time you go shopping, you want to pick up the following:

The Black Blazer

A   well structured blazer is a classy fashion item to instantly jazz up your wardrobe. Invest in perfectly tailored and simple ones.

The Jeans

The Jeans never goes away, update your closet with a straight cut one of very good quality; it will last longer.

Structured Bag

A structured bag is a must have for ladies; invest in  one with very good leather in neutral colour or plain black.

Matching Undies

Yeah ladies, invest in a good set of matching under garments; the fabulous feeling and confidence it gives you from within will radiate. Get a good pair of comfortable sets.

The Red Lipstick

Include at least one red lipstick in your make-up; it is a must have make-up item. It works magic on a friday night out.