The turban trend has been making a huge comeback in the world of fashion. It is a great way to accessorize your hair! It stands you out.

Turban came around in the 1940’s but it became memorable in the 1970’s when celebrities like Bianca Jagger, Barbra Streisand and Sophia Loren were pictured wearing turbans. It was soon to go out of trend.

It was rebirthed in the ‘Sex and the city’ when Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) wore the look and voila people got on board. Now stylish turbans are seen everywhere on celebrities, fashion enthusiasts/ fashion bloggers, It’s become this huge fashionable trend even on the runway! Designers like Issa, Jason Wu, and Armani have used this trend.

Almost everyone is in love with this trend and those who are not yet at least appreciate the power a head-wrap has to transform an outfit. It changes any look dramatically, you instantly transform into a retro chick.

Celebrities who love this trend includes Kourtney Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Solange Knowles, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Salma Hayek, Naomi Campbell and many more.

They can be worn to cover the entire head or with your hair hanging out the sides, whichever way it is worn there is no denying the chic transformation. If your clothes are printed or colored, you should choose a dark colored turban. You'll look serious but definitely fun!