Style Inspiration is being classy and smart casual while using the guidelines of fashion to portray your individuality, with great style and comfortability.

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OOTD inspiration is a dapper, cool and semi-formal look by

ALSO READ:Check out OOTD inspiration

The stylish young man finished off his look by skipping a necktie altogether for a more casual feel. He added on a plain white handkerchief pocket square, a little gold lapel pin, round framed sunglasses and a black briefcase. However, the highlight of his outfit were his slip on sneakers, which were white with colorful prints on them.

There a couple fantastic things to highlight from this. First, the suit was so well tailored for his body. Second, the color of the suit fit his skin tone and was very unique. Lastly, he found a way to make it trendy with the shoes, without being too bold.

For more of King’s style, check his Instagram page: @styleby_nk