Instagram is the hub for style inspirations these days and style influencers and bloggers go all out to give inspirations to their followers.

Style inspiration - gotten off social media- is a hit especially where specially curated styles are well put together crisp by one who knows how to effortlessly fuse pieces together (some have gone on to become designers, stylists and so on).

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They all individual have their 'own styles' making them stand out from one another. Some favour chic trendy looks, some do classics, some do casual sporty, some go all out glamorous, some are quite daring, some are risk takers, some are eclectic and so on but are all effectively able to influence style.

These bloggers are Nigerians based home and abroad who have things in common; they set trends, are able to create 'new styles' influencing their followers (consumers) making sales for manufacturers (with most of them smiling to the bank as well)

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Paring a camel kimono over double denim, giving a glam effect to t-strap sandals done with a shirt dress, bursting out cold shoulder looks, these ladies are known for their various bold style choices, influence trends, inspire looks, put together flawless by them. They are mentioned in no particular order...

1. Folake Huntoon - @Style Pantry

Folake Huntoon is on Instagram @stylepantry. Her style is effortless and she never gets it wrong. She knows just how to put pieces together seamless to stand out. Known for her signature big hair, Huntoon who is also a designer and stylist has an impressive background in fashion and styling which is evident in her looks. She can go from fierce to sultry, sexy to chic, sporty to laidback and more in a split seconds.

2. Monica Awe-Etuk- @Awedbymoni

Monica Awe-Etuk is on Instagram . Etuk's style is clean, fuss free and eternally chic and classy. This mother and stylist pays attention to every detail in each getup she posts making styles relatable.

From styling a tee-shirt chic to making t-strap sandals super fashionable, Etuk has created a following of stylish soldiers who look up to her style inspirations.

3. Sharon Ojong- @Sharon Ojong

Sharon Ojong is on Instagram . The TV producer and blogger is always a delight for effortless chic inspirations. Known for her special love for Made in Nigeria pieces, she's one style influencer that's been able to fuse different looks from Nigerian brands together to create modern styles.

4. Lisa Folawiyo- @lisafolawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is on Instagram , a foremost Nigerian designer who loves her designer pieces. Folawiyo's style is unique as she can literary pull off anything at all- once she turned an oversized male shirt into an ultra sexy mono top! She's loved for her eclectic detailing, designer heels and bags, studded print pieces from her eponymous style and more. Her style isn't for the faint hearted or the non creative!

5. Hanifa Abubakar @haniiiifa

Hanifa Abubakar is on Instagram . A very chic and clean 'dresser'. The fast rising blogger likes simple, neat and effortless looks; almost a minimalist in her style but has immense appeal and her teaming followers love her styles.

6. Stella Uzo - @jadorefashion

Stella Uzo is on Instagram . A blogger and stylist, Uzo has an appeal that speaks chic with every look. Not one to force it, the stylish lady put together 'real' looks that almost everyone can achieve piece for piece, her style is effortless, chic and always without fuss.

7. Titilola Sogunro -@Titispassion

Titilola Sogunro is on Instagram . A blogger whose style tend slightly towards quirky and trendy. Sogunro is fun and can take on just about any look which makes all her inspiration practical.

8. Dodos Uvieghara- @iamdodos

Dodos Uvieghara is on Instagram , a popular makeup artiste and style blogger. Dodos is laidback but cool and fierce. She takes on easy, trendy pieces and styles them just perfect. She's an inspiration for cool and eternally chic styles.

9. Grace Alex- @T2pitchy

Grace Alex is on Instagram . A vintage lover, Abuja based blogger Grace Alex is known for her classic looks. With Alex, 70's denim can be styled chic. She puts together pieces like a pro-stylist. Her love for unique jewelry, vintage styled sunglasses and clothing stands her out each time.

She also owns GAF Sandals, a fast rising casual footwear brand.

10. Ezinne Chinkata- @zinkata

Ezinne Chinkata is on Instagram . A celebrity stylist, fashion blogger and entrepreneur. Chinkata's love for quirky, different and out of the world pieces are evident in all her looks. She sets the trend, a designer's dream, Ezinne prides herself with intricate styling understood by the extremely creative ones.

11 Nifesimi - @skinnyhipster

Nifesimi is on Instagram . A stylist and fashion blogger known for her effortless looks. She knows how to put together looks that works well together, she is daring without too much in any one's face.

12 Agatha - @ironyofashi

Agatha is on Instagram . A top blogger known for her chic looks, she also prides herself for making just about anything wearable. She is the ultimate chic stylist and a lot of her followers love her style.