From showing off offerings to their followers who've grown in leaps over the years, these brands have been able to convert their real following to actual sales while also influencing styles, current trends and more exciting, getting their looks on top celebrities.

These womenswear brands got their solid base off Instagram and they have continued to leverage on this to satisfy their daily growing consumers/clients.

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Some have grown so much they've gone on to present a collection or two at fashion shows, with specially/carefully curated images, to styling tips, showing off design intricacies and more, these womenswear brand have become ones to be reckoned with when it comes to style.

1. Toju Foyeh

Toju Foyeh is a womenwear brand Instagram has helped boost. One for dramatic details on pretty dresses for brides, wedding second dresses, guest dresses and more, TF is know for her love of sparkle and flirty details and embellishment make her designs stand out.

She has a following that loves her offerings and have grown from mere 'followers' to actual  consumers.

The brand currently boasts a 170k (that's a pretty big deal) following on Instagram.

2. April By Kunbi

April By Kunbi is another womenswear brand Instagram boosted. The brand does bridal pieces as well as bridesmaids and more. Known for its subtle flirty, dreamy and embellished pieces, 'ABK' is a brand that people and clients and followers (who drool over and dream to wear her pieces on her big day) have come to love.

The brand is currently 218k followers strong on Instagram

3. Maju

Maju loves to tease on Instagram, it works for the brand and their followers and consumers love it too! Maju has gone on to make a show of trendy pieces they produce at affordable prices on the visual platform while growing.

The brand has since added footwear, athleisure gears, accessories to its list of offerings. The brand boast a 32.9k following on Instagram.

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4. Fablane by Derin

Fablane By Derin has become a favourite of a lot of stylish ladies with her chic designs. Her pieces are trendy, elegant and well thought out. She does wedding guest looks as well and has definitely grown in such a short time of being around.

She currently has 44.3k followers.

5. Wanni Fuga

Wanni Fuga does a lot of easy breezy, easy to wear, chic pieces. She gave a new definition to matchy matchy/sets which she's done in different variations. She started out posting images of new pieces on Instagram and from there became a known brand.

She has 20.4k followers