Lagos Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter presentations was a parade of fashion but most the action was off the runway. We take a look at the guests who served us the best street style over the weekend.

Lagos Fashion Week took place over the weekend and it was an endless parade of fashion and fun.

The A/W presentations, which was introduced last year, speaks to African designers who are already creating collections for both traditional fashion seasons of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and are seeking a global audience and customer base.

It also speaks to Lagos Fashion Week’s commitment to catalysing the African Fashion industry ecosystem and providing greater avenues for commercial success for designers based on the continent.

The venue for the A/W presentations WAS The Wings - Oando, the event centre equally as dedicated to thriving commerce as is it to indigenous culture and art with the awareness to create aesthetically and consciously stimulating experiences for their esteemed tenants and guests.

This year’s presentation took place in an intimate salon-style format, the collection showcase was followed by a client-designer reception adopting the ‘see now, buy now’ model that allows clients shop or order straight from presentations.

Overall, it was a thrilling weekend which showed just how far the Nigerian fashion industry has come. As well as all that, the guests made sure to turn up in their best clothes and the street style moments were plenty.

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Take a look at the best of street style over the fashion-filled weekend!

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