Our Man crush this week is British Actor, Musician, DJ and father Idris Elba. Born in London in 1972, Idris Elba’s started his acting career in 1995 as Bramwell in a medical drama set in 1800s England.

He has since gone on to star in major movie franchises notably Thor, and has a successful career both in Hollywood and back home in Britain.

Here are reasons why the sexy actor is our Jumia man crush.

1. Let’s face it, he is HOTTTT!!!!!

Yes it is true but stating the obvious is not a crime.

2. He looks good in a suit

‘…..dress smart like a London Bloke, before he speak his suit bespoke’

3. Have you seen him shirtless?

Quick! someone cover him up before there’s a meltdown.

4. He is cheeky

Remember that time he shut down twitter with this tweet?

5. He smoldered as Heimdall in the Thor franchise

Let’s hope that suit of armour is enough to keep the ladies at bay when they come for him…….eventually.

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