Shopping for women sincerely can be difficult because of their complicated interests, but not all women are difficult to shop for. If your girlfriend is a true fashionista at heart, shopping for her is actually quite easy .All you have to do is rummage her closet, figure out her favourite designer(s) and shop accordingly. If you take time to study her, Christmas shopping for her should not be as difficult as it seems in your head. All you need is :

Pick one of these items for your lady this Christmas :

1. Lipstick : Lipstick is the most essential make up product, and a lady can never have too many. in choosing the right lipstick for your lady, in her absence rummage her dressing table and take note of what lipstick she doesn't already have and buy at least two new ones. when in doubt buy her Chanel rouge lipstick, every woman needs some Chanel.

2.Shoes : Shoes are always a good choice of presents. Take note of the size of shoes she wears and her favourite colour and use them to determine the kind of shoes you’ll get her. Also,you can never go wrong with designer shoes, skip Louboutins pick one that has an exotic name like Oscar de la Renta, Viktor & Rolf, Bottega Veneta.

3.iPad case: Depending on what kind of tablet she uses, get her a fitting case. If she doesnt have a tablet, get her one you can afford.

4. Jewelry: Is a classic choice of gifts for ladies, and after all diamonds are a girls best friends. If you haven't gotten to the giving-diamonds stage of your relationship try other options like a white gold necklace or a watch.

5. A puppy (EXTREME) : If she is an animal lover go the extra mile, hand her the cutest  puppy for christmas.

6. Plane tickets (EXTREME) : This obviously must have had weeks of planning from like october, without her knowing of course, but for you spontaneous guys out there blow her mind and hand her plane tickets 2 DAYS before Christmas so you can be somewhere new and special with her on the 25th.

7.Aromatherapy products : Ladies love nothing more than to smell great all the time, so be innovative, dont buy her perfume, save that for another occasion. Give her aromatherapy products like lavender oil, peppermint bath salts etc.

8. Monogrammed purse : Whether or not she has a wallet/purse buying her a new one and then having it monogrammed will make her ditch her current one for the one you have wrapped up with a bow for her.