Stacking our rings have become a trend we are not passing on quickly. Its an edgy, fun way to mix your dainty rings.

There are no limitations on how you can stack your rings, creativity takes the fore. It is so much fun and doesn't have to cost you a ton; you can stack with less expensive pieces, the key is mixing them well.

The general rule is to choose rings of the same band colour and size to create consistency; you want them to look like a set so try as much as possible not to mix tones. They can be stacked in any precious metal you prefer; Gold, Rose Gold and silver tones.

However, feel free to mix up the gemstone shape and colour for a fresh fun vibe, making sure two gems at least are roughly in the same colour circle to tie them all in together. If you are not so sure about this trend initially, try stacking with dainty pieces then moving on to much bigger gems.

By all means get stacking!