There are trends that have being around and keep finding their way back into the fashion scene, we think it is because they are simple, nice and functional as they seem not to go away, even if it looks like they do, they always come right back.

Check out 4 styles that have been recycled and we still love.

Denim Jackets

Our all time love,the denim jacket. Almost everyone owns/has a denim jacket tucked somewhere in their closet. they don't go old like fine wine they get better. The trick to owning a timeless pair is to go for one of good quality.


This seem never to out. They always come back in new designs, fabric and style. We think its because of their simplicity and functionality, you can just throw it under a nice top or even dress and you are good. The key is to invest in good ones.

High Waisted Wears

This look is always around, whether in trousers, skirts and so on. They give off a cool vibe while helping to define the waist, yet another good look.

Long Jewelry

Long jewelry are always back in trend, they are functional and go with a lot of looks. The tip is to invest in timeless pieces.