In the year 2016, lyricism and battle rap is virtually non existent in Nigerian Hip-Hop which has succumbed to the tastes of mainstream pop audiences but WRAP League has come to establish a stand.

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The Wrap League maiden edition titled, 'Murder Intent', could be likened to a gladiator pit where lyrical titans took the stage to slug it out with punch lines, metaphors, and schemes that ended with hay makers, leaving the audience arguing for days.

The Lagos debut of WRAP League tagged 'Murder Intent' was hardly a disappointment as WRAP League alumnus Earl Jon and Tega GAT, both put up great performances, with GAT dropping a classic first verse filled with double entendres and schemes.

That's not all, with lines like 'the minute you about to win you get killed like Audu from Kogi State', GAT displays his awareness of Nigerian current affairs, while his Naruto, Fetty Wap, and Slick Rick scheme will remain in our memories for a very long time.

His opponent, Toby the Pen Priest was not a push over and even though he brought bars, there was not enough confidence to make them land, hence he choked a couple of times.

If you like gun bars, Toby will interest you, with lines that got the crowd going crazy like, "i'll blow your brains out then go behind and blow it back In your mind."

Earl Jon had an easy night as Gunner did not deliver for a rapper hyped to be representing Brooklyn New York, home to battle rap legends Like Loaded Lux, Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z to name a few.

With lines like, "Guess weapons malfunctioning is the only time you see Gun's jam," Earl Jon had the crowd going crazy, summing up Gunner's performance, which suffered from malfunctions.

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All in all, the fans had a great time and the video, will always have great replay value.

Watch the full clip of Earl Jon vs Gunner, Toby vs Tega Gat, above and below: