WAVE's Alumni, friends and family where gathered at No 3, Spencer street Yaba to surprise the CEO of the Academy, Misan Rewane which eventually happened as she was wowed to see all her trainees and friends present to celebrate her and the initiative behind the academy.

It was an anniversary that brought together young creative minds to network and exchange ideas alongside wines, champagnes and cocktail mixes to soothe tired throats and small chops to relax the stomach nerves…lol.

Music blazing in the hall having Misan open the dance floor and she rocked the dance floor with steps that left alumni’s shocked that Misan can dance even behind her serious and tedious schedule. She also rocked the floor alongside her mom, Mrs Rewane.

The fun that went down at this event can only be told by pictures and videos.

''West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE) is an academy that is tackling youth unemployment in West Africa. It is an academy where we identify, train and place talented West African youths in wage-earning jobs in the Hospitality sector.

The Vision at WAVE is to reverse this trend by targeting:

1.      Best-in-class quality. A new and efficient way to prepare and provide unemployed youths with stable jobs that leverage their innate strengths (in an environment where they have previously been shortchanged)

2.      Scalability. A home-grown scalable and replicable model for social impact in the region centered on developing people at a systemic level

3.      Systemic impact. An Africa where young people can aspire to achieve their potential and in so doing enhance the development of the African continent

We will 'up-skill' millions of youth to fill stable jobs that transform their incomes thereby driving scalable, replicable and sustainable impact and converting Africa’s youth from demographic liabilities to demographic dividends”.