This weeks edition of Genesis Cinemas Nolly Thursdays! features a new action movie, “Slow Country”.

This edition which has Sambisa Nzeribe and Tope Tedela as headliners will be held on May 24th, 2017 at Genesis Cinemas Maryland Mall, Lagos.

'Slow Country' is the latest movie from director, producer, screenwriter and editor, Eric Aghimien whose 2014 debut movie ‘A mile from home’ won at both the AMVCA and the AMA awards. The movie stars amazing actors like: IvieOkujaiye-Egboh, Sambisa Nzeribe, Tope Tedela, and Majid Michael.

Other acts in the movie include Richard Brutus as Brasko, Gina Castel as Ola, Adebayo Thomas as Peter, Victor Eriabie, Imoudu ‘DJ Moe’ Ayonete, and Shola Thompson-Adewale.

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This carefully crafted action movie is a shift from the more popular comedies in Nollywood. This film is currently showing at Genesis Cinemas nationwide.

Set in Nigeria,' Slow Country' follows the story of Kome, a homeless teenage mother, who in a bid to cater and secure a good life for her son, Peter sought refuge in the arms of a drug kingpin Tuvi. The kingpin ushers her into the world of prostitution and drug trafficking.

However, when faced with a serious dilemma and the sudden return of her ex-boyfriend, Osas, who desperately wants to win her heart, having abandoned her for seven years, she gets fed up and attempts to break free. She pleads with her boss to let her quit the underworld, but he is not ready to let go of his most trusted cash cow.

Nolly Thursdays will air on TrybeTv (GoTVngCh.97) by 5:30pm and ONTV (UHF Ch.41, GoTV Ch.96) by 7:30pm