LXG 17 started on a bright note with 560 matches played in the first weekend and 28 qualifiers from the first 14 groups.

It was really game-time on weekend one, from the tough groups to some really easy groups where we had some aggregate scores of 8-1.

As the competition started, gamers got their custom tags then were called to the warm seats to compete. It was completely intense with lots of highlights from misses to saves to skill moves and goals, the competition was terrific.

The interesting part of LXG '17 is that you see your group standings as you play, so you know your fate as you play your matches. You need to see how people strategize, supporting other people so they can qualify.

The winner of Techplus 2017 came second place in his group to show how competitive LXG '17 really is.

Asides the game, there were also guests who were playing pool, having fun at the porch and enjoying the ambience of the competition, those that came to watch enjoyed themselves.

If you're not registered for LXG '17, go register now at www.thelxg.com.ng before it closes on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.