Sequel to a successful hosting of the Hennessy Artistry R&B concert in August which was headlined by singer Praiz, the Hennessy brand is following up with the Hip-Hop concert headlined by Hennessy Hip-Hop brand ambassador and prolific rapper, Vector.

Vector will lead other Hip Hop heads as they thrill a select audience with timeless rhymes. The Hip-Hop headliner selection this year was informed by the tenacity of the artiste in staying true to his act in the genre of music which has evolved over time to become a fusion of so many other sounds. The Brand Manager for Hennessy pointed out that this year’s event is in three parts, and the brand is staying true to its motto in showcasing the acts for the year.

“Vector’s sound is refined and undiluted, unlike many other Nigerian rappers; he has improved his act while staying true to his personality. At Hennessy, we believe that the substance of an artiste’s worth is evident in his ability to “Never Stop, Never Settle”, and the Hip Hop act for Hennessy artistry 2015 embodies that motto; we are therefore very proud to have him on board this year, and we look forward to his unique blend of Hennessy and Music, in this case – Hip Hop.”

Hennessy Artistry 2015 coincides with Hennessy’s 250 anniversary celebration and the theme of the event is “The Art of Blending”. The three-part event plan will also feature an Afro fusion concert in October 2015.

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