This Christmas, "Golden Hearts" a non profit organisation will be visiting school kids with special needs on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at Ojuwoye Inclusive Unit.

Their will be free medical aid, free drugs, medical examination and also Santa Claus  to put smiles on the faces of these special children. Imagine you were given a $100 bill for every life you’ve touched, how rich would you be?

If our lives were reduced by a year for every single hand of love and kindness you’ve extended to the total stranger in need, how much younger will you become?

The beauty of expressing love and touching lives isn’t in the commendation or recognition but more in the peace and profound joy realized from the genuine smiles and laughter on the faces of the helpless people you have brought hope to.

Imagine a day without sunshine or a night without the beautiful constellation of stars or the glow of the moon? – Unimaginable! Golden Hearts solicit continuous support as we continue to touch lives in diverse ways including providing health services for our neighbours in need.

Bear in mind that you might just be the sunshine to the rainy days of the less privileged around you, the glow of the moon to the darkness of the societally down-trodden close to you, the strength to the physically and intellectually challenged next to you, so please let’s  not be weary in doing good…

Golden Hearts Touching Lives Initiative is a registered not-for-profit organization (CAC/IT/NO30911), situated in Lagos, Nigeria and operates via the generosity of donors.

Please visit to learn more about whom we are and what we do. You may also contact us on +2348023233385 or

Come celebrate Christmas with these Special Children of Ojuwoye Inclusive Unit

Donations can be made into the Golden Hearts TLI account. Details below:

Account Details:

Account Name: Golden Hearts TLI

Account Number: 1771069088

Bank: Skye Bank.