Report reveal more women in their 30s-40s are prone to breast cancer especially if there's history of cancer it the family.

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It's important for ladies/women to look out for signs and breast changes often starting with self breast exam which is best done in the shower and during the ovulation period.

Check out how to do a self breast exam in 4 easy steps:

Step 1:

Start by checking the breasts in a mirror with shoulders kept straight with arms on the hips. Look out for breast shape, colour, size, abnormal swelling/dimpling etc

Step 2:

Raise the arms and do the same as in step 1 to look out for any abnormal changes.

Step 3:

Watch out for any signs of fluid coming out from the nipple (check for milky, watery or bloody discharges)

Step 4.

Lie down and feel the breasts using the right hand to feel left breast and vice versa. Keep the fingers flat together and in circular motions feel every area of the breasts.

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