Some people have form the habit of using hand sanitizers so much it become a second by second application thing but contrary to what people think/believe in between claims by top hand sanitizers brands not all kill germs! Some of them do (kill germs) but not all types do.

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See top reasons why you should use hand sanitizers less.

1. Bacterial Resistance

Habitual use of hand sanitizers can cause antibiotic resistance for bacteria, increasing the amount of bacteria growing resistance to the substance in the body which can potentially result into serious health issues. if you must use hand sanitizer sparingly, use one that comes labeled as 'antibacterial'.

2. Risk of Alcohol poisoning

Hand sanitizers become harmful to the body when they contain around 65% Ethyl alcohol which become extremely poisonous when taken in any way. They are also known to trigger asthma attacks especially ones that contain rubbing alcohol.

3. It doesn't clean anyways!

Hand sanitizers shouldn't replace clean water and soap or handwash as they are not meant  for dirty hands! If the hands are really dirty, hand sanitizers won't remove all the dirt, grimes and germs. Wash hands with soap/handwash and water as hand sanitizers should be used only when soap and water are not handy.

4. Parabens

Most hand sanitizers contain parabens that come with a lot of health scares including cancer, skin irritation and other toxic shock syndrome in the long run. Hand sanitizers containing common Parabens like Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben should be avoided.

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5. Doesn't work against some germs

Not all germs are gotten rid of by hand sanitizers as they can be highly ineffective for protecting people against some types of germs.

6. Toxic Fragrance

Most hand sanitizers come with fragrance which can be toxic as they contain Phthalates, a compound used to make fragrance last longer. It is especially scary because they are unregulated leaving little or no room to 'measure' the amount of chemical used for the fragrance. Phthalates  have been linked to respiratory issues, allergies and skin irritations.

It's always better to use hand sanitizer that comes with fragrance. Using hand sanitizers continuously has also been linked to immune system damage as it destroy both the good and bad bacteria leaving the system prone to a lot of risks.